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elandas Unveils eGenerate Mobile Sales Enablement

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Mobile Application Gives Reps in the Field Access to Latest Coverage Developments With Sales Assets to Suit in Real Time

SAINT JOHN, NB (August 08, 2016) - elandas, the company that streamlines and accelerates the flow of actionable business data for sales and marketing teams in life sciences, announced the general availability of eGenerate, a mobile sales enablement application that powers provider visits and presentations with up-to-the-minute data and marketing assets.

In a marketplace that depends on speed of reaction to changes in pharmaceutical or medical device product messaging and coverage, eGenerate cuts weeks from a sales force's response time, enabling marketing to use new data to create and distribute relevant, compliant and targeted assets wirelessly, over all relevant sales territories, most typically via iPads and tablets.In a feedback loop, the app also returns information from the field, telling marketing which assets are performing best -- in time to pass those findings on to others in the field. 

" For some products the speed to which favorable coverage wins are able to be communicated to prescribers can make all the difference," says Hayley Bohan, elandas CMO. "But it's not always been this cost or time efficient to prepare whole new pieces for every such change. With eGenerate, we've accelerated and mobilized the output of that process, to get to meaningful, up-to-the-minute conversations with decision makers that much sooner." 

“Equally important,” says Ryan Roberts, elandas CEO, “the app is agnostic to both brand agency and data platform, giving a sales team one enablement solution for their entire portfolio.”

Configured to its user company's unique business rules, eGenerate builds in regulatory compliance, with role-based access to assets and data. Filters and tags enable sales professionals to quickly bring up the right managed care grid, populated with the most granular data, or any other relevant data source, no matter how many brands or products are represented. Because it can take any data source eGenerate can be used for any sales teams whether coverage care grids are a priority or not.

eGenerate also speeds up the pipeline of new digital or printable brochures and presentations, through the use of ready, pre-approved templates, and automated workflow. Sales reps' dashboards are easily personalized for easy viewing, selection and distribution of assets, and integration abilities preserve a company's prior investment in CRM.

eGenerate includes tools for sending follow-up materials after in-person visits. Reporting features show marketing which assets and messaging are being used, where, and with what results.

About elandas

elandas is a fast growing technology innovator specializing in highly configurable data management and marketing on demand solutions for the Life Sciences industry. elandas provides users with layered data views and executive dashboards that enable key stakeholders to react in near real time to today’s evolving regulatory and insurance landscapes. The elandas platform also makes it simple for Marketing and Sales teams to quickly create customized and compliant marketing materials. For more information, visit

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