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Our Advisory Board: A Year in Review

It’s been just about a year since we began putting together our vision for an advisory board at elandas and when I look back at how far we’ve come with this mission since then I have to say it’s been one of the most strategic moves we’ve made as a company in 2015.

The reasons why are many.

The nine individuals who currently sit on the elandas Advisory Board represent a diverse range of knowledge and experience in the broad Life Science industry. Their shared expertise is impressive and invaluable to elandas as we have been evolving our next generation product line, and we are continuing to grow as a successful organization through our collaborative efforts with them.

Our advanced, highly configurable technologies make it easier to capture and share critical information efficiently as well as help coordinate efforts across organizational silos so that sales and marketing teams in pharmaceutical, medical device and other life science companies are able to work smarter and faster.

Hearing directly from our advisory board members about how elandas technology directly solves their challenges in the real world and how they would like to see it advance in step with what they see on the horizon has enabled our development team to build solutions that feel customized, and yet are easy to implement for the clients buying them.

Each of our advisory board members offers us insightful suggestions by organizational role ensuring that elandas technology has a positive impact on all stakeholders. This drives onboarding and utilization rates higher. By identifying the key value drivers they want to see, our advisory board has helped us create dashboards that are intuitive, and that offer data insights every member of a company’s team is eager to leverage.

In short, our advisory board has been instrumental this year in helping elandas create innovative solutions we are certain can add value to sales and marketing teams across the Life Sciences. And, we are excited to continue our regular team dialogue with these respected members of the industry as elandas prepares to unveil new mobile technology to the marketplace in early 2016.

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