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Training- The Missing Link in Your Mobile Sales Enablement Strategy

Tom Kukla

by Tom Kukla

Today’s elandas insights guest blogger is Tom Kukla who comes to us with a wealth of experience in Executive Communication, Coaching, Management and Leadership Development. As Principal and Founder of Credere Leadership, Tom trains some of the best brightest talent at leading Pharma, Bio, and Medical Organizations across North America.

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The  best sales enablement tools today can only take your team near to the finish line on their own. If your team is not adequately trained to use these tools to their full competitive advantage, even the most innovative and intuitive technology can be of little help in generating prescriptions or closing the sale.

In laying out your own successful mobile sales enablement strategy you need to be thinking of training as both a conduit and a bridge to enhancing communication between key departments. Training becomes a bridge used for translation from the sales team to the marketing team and vice versa. It can also be used as a conduit into sales enablement tools being better and more fully utilized, giving your customer facing teams the edge they need to win.

As I see every week working with my clients, when Training has a seat at the table and is paired with the right mobile tools amazing things can happen. When both marketing and sales team members are trained to use a tool like eGenerate by elandas, increased mutual understanding and 360-degree communication can become the new normal. Below is a list of ways the right mobile sales enablement strategy can make this happen at your organization in 2017:

Tips for Using Mobile Sales Enablement Tools & Training to Align Sales & Marketing:

  1. Giving the WHY - Sales team members, especially Millennials, can better connect with the materials Marketing creates when the why behind the pieces are more fully explained during training by experienced trainers. Also, prompts given by their mobile sales enablement tool, reinforces the why, to all users, on the fly. 
  1. Fully utilize the Feedback loop - A Feedback Loop, like the one eGenerate provides, delivers a new option for enhanced and trackable two-way dialogue from Sales to Marketing and Marketing to Sales. New insights into which pieces are resonating with HCPs and other decision makers, and which ones are not, quickly becomes real time data that fuels effective asset planning. Best practice tips on how to use specific pieces can also be set up as automated training prompts that maximizes asset utilization.
  1. Stretch your Face time - A good sales piece combined with the right training or execution tip can turn 30 seconds into 2-3 minutes. Using the right material in the right sequence AND asking the right questions will stretch your face time. Sales tips from your mobile sales tool, such as asking the right open probe can make all the difference between a short perfunctory sales call and a meaningful engagement with follow up.
  1. Tell them a Story - A rep with a great story, armed with the right sales piece is a winning combination. eGenerate enhances that opportunity by putting the appropriate tools Marketing has created in the right order and delivering a playbook that can be used so that the HCPs and other decision makers, can see, touch and visualize what is being communicated to them. You are involving multiple senses.

Moving Your Mobile Strategy Ahead in 2017

In wrapping up, consider that sales reps today have so much going on, and so many tools to utilize, that Training becomes the strategic partner in helping to prioritize and deliver the right message. Training, when done correctly, will always work to bridge the gap between Marketing & Sales, and also drive marketing initiatives to the deepest level of the Sales organization. In turn, Training also fosters a greater understanding of what a rep faces on a day-to-day basis for marketers. The right mobile sales enablement tools, matched with the proper training, become a success formula that can’t be beat as both Sales and Marketing are brought together with new channels for open communication.  

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