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Gaining Altitude in Your View Can Boost Pharma Launch Success

In today’s ever more complex and high stakes pharmaceutical selling environment having a united commercial strategy for gaining information can be the difference between being agile as an organization or not being nimble enough to compete. 

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How eGenerate Boosts Mobile Sales Enablement for Life Sciences

 Med Reps know that time with doctors is precious and more limited than ever these days. With that shift it’s also becoming increasingly crucial that marketing to physicians is approached with less direct selling and more team spirited partnering. Med reps need tools to help them deliver a better customer experience.

This means that sales needs to have immediate access to up-to-the-minute, personalized data, integrated from various sources to create the most relevant engagement possible. For optimal control, materials must be at their fingertips at every opportunity, on the right device – an iPad or tablet.

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Time to Spring Clean Your Work Routine: Try These Efficiency Fixes to Clear Out the Cobwebs

Life is busy, and for lots of us finding ways to fit in things like fitness, better work/life balance, more family time, and exciting work successes can sometimes seem impossible to accomplish at the same time.

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Top Success Hacks for More Personalized Selling to HCPs

In Life Sciences possibly more than any other industry today, the demand for targeted informational selling is off the charts. Today, we find ourselves in a fast moving environment where complex and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements are positioned next to constantly changing insurance plan coverages. Added to the mix is Mergers & Acquisitions activity that is record high and changes the complexion of how Healthcare Providers (HCPs) do their jobs in the face of internal and external procedures and considerations that are moving targets.

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Tips to Bridge The Top Communications Gaps That Can Derail Implementation Success

Today’s elandas insights guest blogger is Tom Kukla who comes to us with a wealth of experience in Executive Communication, Coaching, Management and Leadership Development. As Principal and Founder of Credere Leadership, Tom trains some of the best and brightest talent at leading Pharma, Bio, and Medical Organizations across North America.

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Eliminate Energy Drains and Boost Productivity

If you’re a sales and marketing professional in life sciences, you may find you’re so busy with unnecessary energy wasters and minutiae that strategic planning – the foundation for success – never gets the time it deserves.

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