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Gaining Altitude in Your View Can Boost Pharma Launch Success

In today’s ever more complex and high stakes pharmaceutical selling environment having a united commercial strategy for gaining information can be the difference between being agile as an organization or not being nimble enough to compete. 

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How to Turn Data Into One of Your Most Strategic Assets

As pharma companies continue to pursue even greater patient centricity, being able to share intelligence between business units becomes critical to commercial excellence.  The proprietary and actionable insights many top brands are able to glean by using software platforms to manage knowledge enable them to layer information in new ways, meaning data is quickly being recognized as the killer strategic asset it can become.

While pharma brand teams have always had Excel spreadsheets at their disposal to record information, as well as one-trick pony survey tools, what they have lacked is an intuitive way to capture information and activate it within the same system across multiple internal stakeholder groups. This means lengthy time delays in updating data and getting it into the right hands in actionable formats. It also means that critical information being stuck in organizational silos has all too often become the norm.

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How Marketers Can Save Themselves From The Tunnel of Terror

A fairly embarrassing leap of faith on my family’s recent spring break vacation reminded me of parallel challenge in the work world. One that so many of us marketers often find ourselves in. It’s the type of situation that often involves a lot of unnecessary drama and spending, and it’s also one that we could often strategically avoid. And so, my story begins here…

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Training- The Missing Link in Your Mobile Sales Enablement Strategy

Today’s elandas insights guest blogger is Tom Kukla who comes to us with a wealth of experience in Executive Communication, Coaching, Management and Leadership Development. As Principal and Founder of Credere Leadership, Tom trains some of the best brightest talent at leading Pharma, Bio, and Medical Organizations across North America.

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Tips to Bridge The Top Communications Gaps That Can Derail Implementation Success

Today’s elandas insights guest blogger is Tom Kukla who comes to us with a wealth of experience in Executive Communication, Coaching, Management and Leadership Development. As Principal and Founder of Credere Leadership, Tom trains some of the best and brightest talent at leading Pharma, Bio, and Medical Organizations across North America.

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Pharma’s Top 6 Technology Marketing Trends for 2016


There’s no doubt these are challenging times to be on the front lines in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales, but as the saying goes where there’s challenge lies opportunity.

As the technology marketing partner for many leading teams in Life Sciences, elandas is a company that is continuing to stay in front of the industry by creating solutions that put our clients in control of their managed markets data and processes so they can improve sales results.

As we look ahead to 2016, I wanted to take a moment to connect with you and sharesome of the big tech trends we are seeing ahead in the New Year, and invite you to share your feedback on what you see happening too.

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Beer vs. Healthcare Product Marketing: We’re Completely Different, or Are We?

Today, I’m CMO at elandas, the company that streamlines and accelerates the flow of actionable business data for marketing and sales teams in Pharma, Medical Device and other Life Sciences. But before I ever came to this fiercely competitive industry, I thrived as a marketer working with beverage brand rock stars including Moosehead Breweries, Labatt Canada, and Jim Beam.

Just the other day I was thinking about the obvious contrasts between these highly regulated industries, and it struck me that there are really many similarities between them and winning marketing strategies that apply to both. I decided it would be fun to have a chat with one of elandas’ top advisory board members, Daniel Waits, who is Worldwide Sr. Marketing Manager at BD to gain his insights too. Here’s a look at our conversation.

Hayley: Ok Daniel so in both industries we have multiple stakeholders, and that drives a need to develop individual strategies for different target audiences.

For example, in beer sales, you have bar & restaurant owners and managers, retailers, the government, and of course consumers. In the healthcare world, it gets even more complicated. There are payers, providers, patients, support caregivers, pharmacies, hospital administrators, health care systems, and governmental bodies and each group needs to be understood.

Daniel: That’s exactly right Hayley. In both industries there has to be a systems thinking approach. It’s important to map out those stakeholders and understand the interconnectivity among them. Bring all of the key people together to eliminate silos. Define the desired outcome that everyone wants and do it in one initiative with tactics that are tailored to each stakeholder group.

Hayley: Data is king in both worlds. To be effective in beer marketing, you have got to be able to predict how an initiative is going to affect sales so you can actually have the product available when it happens. Worst thing, and I’ve seen it happen is spending time and money on an awesome campaign and then demand skyrockets and you reap no benefit because you didn’t have the product available to meet the demand. Beer marketers must be able to predict how the market will respond—historical data on sales, competitive campaigns, how the weather affects sales, how elastic their brand is to price discounts, new market entrants, and sales rep input can all help to unlock the mystery.

Daniel: Yes, data is also king in Life Sciences and, strong segmentation helps you to understand whom you are targeting. Life Sciences marketers must have clear data that will assist in forecast assumptions to empower targeted marketing plans. Both industries need ways to analyze and layer data for better decision-making, forecasting and opportunity identification.

Hayley: Let’s talk about innovation. For any company to survive, they need to innovate. For a beer marketer, innovation is constant, a new look, a brand extension, new promotions, new events, new packaging, social campaigns, collector items… you name it. After all, beer is beer – and it’s how you position it and connect with your customers and consumers that will set you apart. Is marketing innovation as critical in Life Sciences?

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An Industry In Flux

There’s no doubt that the current transformation of the pharmaceutical industry can easily compare to the 1990’s Internet shake-up. At the recent PharmaForce conference, over 150 experts in pharma sales and marketing attended panel discussions, roundtables, workshops and presentations to discuss top trends impacting our business. While PharmaForce provided a variety of valuable insights, we were especially interested in information for solutions providers, which is elandas’ niche. For those who were unable to attend, or for those who did attend and would like a refresher, here are some of the key insights we gained from this year’s PharmaForce.

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