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How to Turn Data Into One of Your Most Strategic Assets

As pharma companies continue to pursue even greater patient centricity, being able to share intelligence between business units becomes critical to commercial excellence.  The proprietary and actionable insights many top brands are able to glean by using software platforms to manage knowledge enable them to layer information in new ways, meaning data is quickly being recognized as the killer strategic asset it can become.

While pharma brand teams have always had Excel spreadsheets at their disposal to record information, as well as one-trick pony survey tools, what they have lacked is an intuitive way to capture information and activate it within the same system across multiple internal stakeholder groups. This means lengthy time delays in updating data and getting it into the right hands in actionable formats. It also means that critical information being stuck in organizational silos has all too often become the norm.

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2017 Five Top Tech Trends in Med Device & Pharma Sales

Welcome to 2017 – a new year that is sure to be as momentum filled as the last several we’ve seen in the life sciences industry. Healthcare as we know it is still experiencing great momentum around a number of shifts and with this metamorphosis the needs of sales and marketing teams in pharma are evolving likewise.

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How Med Reps Can Compete Despite Today's Pharma Trends

As we are all well aware these days, the life sciences sector continues to be in a state of transformation due to a combination of price sensitivity, patient-focused strategies, increasingly stringent regulations, and a changing of the guard in how medical device and pharmaceutical sales reps interact with physicians.

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Pharma Trends – Insights from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2016

The human side of pharma. Sometimes it feels like we hear so little of it. eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2016 which I attended at the beginning of May, was all about making a patient centric focus the new the heart of Pharma. It’s a very compelling theme, and I’m eager to share here with you some of the most inspirational things I heard about where the industry is headed along these lines.

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Pharma’s Top 6 Technology Marketing Trends for 2016


There’s no doubt these are challenging times to be on the front lines in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales, but as the saying goes where there’s challenge lies opportunity.

As the technology marketing partner for many leading teams in Life Sciences, elandas is a company that is continuing to stay in front of the industry by creating solutions that put our clients in control of their managed markets data and processes so they can improve sales results.

As we look ahead to 2016, I wanted to take a moment to connect with you and sharesome of the big tech trends we are seeing ahead in the New Year, and invite you to share your feedback on what you see happening too.

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An Industry In Flux

There’s no doubt that the current transformation of the pharmaceutical industry can easily compare to the 1990’s Internet shake-up. At the recent PharmaForce conference, over 150 experts in pharma sales and marketing attended panel discussions, roundtables, workshops and presentations to discuss top trends impacting our business. While PharmaForce provided a variety of valuable insights, we were especially interested in information for solutions providers, which is elandas’ niche. For those who were unable to attend, or for those who did attend and would like a refresher, here are some of the key insights we gained from this year’s PharmaForce.

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