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Top Success Hacks for More Personalized Selling to HCPs

Ryan Roberts

by Ryan Roberts

In Life Sciences possibly more than any other industry today, the demand for targeted informational selling is off the charts. Today, we find ourselves in a fast moving environment where complex and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements are positioned next to constantly changing insurance plan coverages. Added to the mix is Mergers & Acquisitions activity that is record high and changes the complexion of how Healthcare Providers (HCPs) do their jobs in the face of internal and external procedures and considerations that are moving targets.

For professionals in Pharma and Medical Device Sales and Marketing this brings challenge in the field as information becomes an incredibly dynamic target, but it also represents unprecedented opportunity to become indispensible extensions of physicians’ practices by providing them with the most up-to-date and accurate data they need to know to make the best prescription decisions for their patients.

So what are some of the best success hacks for thriving in today’s customized selling environment? It all starts with the data.

Data Verification

To really personalize the information you need to have the right data. The data changes so rapidly in today’s healthcare environment that it becomes critical to control the flow of information to ensure that it has been validated by the right people and is coming from a valid source.

A sales enablement platform like elandas can be a godsend in this regard as systems are integrated in a way that an account manager who calls on an insurance plan can self report coverage changes. Data layering is not a simple task, and automated data validation processes need to be implemented that also have a human component to ensure the proper algorithims are applied.

 This keeps information current with no lag time of a week or two. The system does the tedious work thus eliminating the need for someone to update an Excel spreadsheet every couple weeks.

Templated Resources

If you haven’t already invested in sales enablement or asset management technology for customizing pre-approved templates you may be spending more time and money than necessary on customizing your sales and marketing materials.

From a customized material creation point of view having a tool in place which ensures that every sales rep is getting the appropriate data that is aligned to them. And, they can only choose from the data that is already vetted for them. This makes sure they stay in compliance with information that has already been cleared.

Turnaround time is greatly reduced, and other departments like Legal typically would not have to get involved beyond their initial approvals. Artwork and backgrounds are already signed off on. Approved language like headlines are ready to go. And the approval process that the system customizes to your organization’s business rules ensures that everything has already met Regulatory and Compliance Guidelines.

All of this gives the sales force new autonomy to quickly create compelling sales pieces that are personalized with minimal effort on their part.

You could have different artwork depending on your audience demographics. Maybe the majority of a HCPs patients are seniors, you could have artwork specific to that verses different artwork that depicts kids for the pediatrician down the hallway. The elandas system can make such changes simple.

Integrated Mobile Tools

Today’s Pharma and Medical Device Sales reps are highly mobile enabled and need to be able to move quickly in the field. In fact, in a recent study by Elandas 70 percent of respondents indicated that their Life Sciences Sales Teams use mobile devices for HCP interactions. Having access to critical information synced to update in real time with their mobile devices is one key to success.

Fully mobilized sales professionals also need to be able to produce customized materials that still look professional but are printed in a home office, or shown easily on a tablet or an iPad. And as always, they need to be confident that all of the materials they are sharing with their HCPs are fully compliant and contain approved and verified data.

For these reasons and more finding robust mobile solutions that are integrated with the other parts of your organization’s sales enablement platform are key. Ideally your team will be armed with a mobile solution like Elandas’  eGenerate that let’s you be as granular, specific and targeted as you want efficiently and economically.




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