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Pharma’s Top 6 Technology Marketing Trends for 2016

Ryan Roberts

by Ryan Roberts


There’s no doubt these are challenging times to be on the front lines in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales, but as the saying goes where there’s challenge lies opportunity.

As the technology marketing partner for many leading teams in Life Sciences, elandas is a company that is continuing to stay in front of the industry by creating solutions that put our clients in control of their managed markets data and processes so they can improve sales results.

As we look ahead to 2016, I wanted to take a moment to connect with you and sharesome of the big tech trends we are seeing ahead in the New Year, and invite you to share your feedback on what you see happening too.

1. The Need for MDM Strategies

MDM or Master Data Management is something every marketing leader will be compelled to address as the sheer volume of data they are confronted with continues to mount. As marketers depend on so many sources both inside the company and externally, they need processes in place to help clean and organize their data. Layering these multiple data sets properly will enable better-targeted strategies for improved results.

2. Democratization of Technology

Marketing technology that is levelling the playing field is becoming available for companies of all sizes. No longer are the smaller players going to be boxed out by the high price tags that come with customized solutions. I am predicting a large decline in in-house solutions as companies more towards highly configurable SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions to solve their marketing challenges.

3. Information Granularity

As in every other industry, the move towards personalized marketing and customer-centric conversations over traditional mass marketing is growing. The need for granular, highly relevant messages to healthcare providers is becoming more of an expectation. Territory level formulary grids is no longer just a nice to have, or a competitive advantage. In the world of 2016, savvy marketers will want to provide doctor-level formulary and reimbursement information to their sales forces. Technology solutions have to be agile enough to ensure the right information is getting to the right team members at the right time.

4. Regulatory & Compliance as Part of the Marketing Mix

As pharma companies strive to be able to respond more quickly to their changing landscape, narrowing the gap between marketing and compliance within a company is becoming increasingly important. Technology will continue to play a role in aligning these two functional units and breaking down time and communication gaps across organizational silos. Aligning these teams will significantly impact the efficiencies of internal workflows and processes decreasing the time it takes to get relevant materials to market.

5. Ability to Integrate with Multiple Systems

As technology has accelerated the number of disparate systems teams are working with at any one time has increased. What has shrunk though is the time available to deal with so many different systems that aren’t able to talk to one another. The demand for a single system that can handle the entire marketing lifecycle is huge and isn’t going away.

6. Continued Growth of Mobile

Today’s teams in the field need to respond quickly to changing information, and be able deliver it to prescribers on their mobile devices. Print materials won’t be going away anytime soon, but in 2016 we will continue to see increasing demand for mobile applications that make information sharing easier and more interactive. At elandas we are proud to announce that we will be unveiling a mobile solution early next year that will give all of our clients an industry leading competitive edge.


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