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Pharma Trends – Insights from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2016

Hayley Bohan

by Hayley Bohan

The human side of pharma. Sometimes it feels like we hear so little of it. eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2016 which I attended at the beginning of May, was all about making a patient centric focus the new the heart of Pharma. It’s a very compelling theme, and I’m eager to share here with you some of the most inspirational things I heard about where the industry is headed along these lines.

Patients need to be at the center of it all. I heard this multiple times in every presentation at the conference, and it’s a profound shift when we really stop and think about it. Many would say that for years the industry has at least on the surface appeared to be more about the numbers and perhaps less about the faces behind them. Today the pendulum is swinging in this new patient driven direction, and it’s a movement that is quickly gaining wide acceptance as the future of the industry.

Patient centricity in Pharma is changing the way things are being done from the top down because at its core it requires a set of living values that have to be built into the culture of a company.

Some of the great ideas I heard at eyeforpharma as the industry leans in to this evolution include;

  • Counting success by the number of patients helped by a particular drug or the quality of HCP engagements as part of an organization’s sales initiatives
  • Sharing patient videos and patient stories with employees to help them connect more fully with why they are doing what they do
  • Having employees bring their children and spouses to events that help patient groups so they too can connect with the mission
  • Truly taking the time to understand what the patient wants. It's not always what we think it should be.

My favorite presentation of all was from Paul Perreault, CEO of CSL Ltd., and I love this quote of his, “It’s personal, go to work everyday knowing someone’s life depends on it, because it does.” He also added that, “In my view, everybody in the company needs to be the Chief Patient Officer.”

He’s right. Chief Patient Officer is a great title we all want to keep in mind in this sector. It also makes me think of a recent sales call Ryan Roberts, our CEO at elandas, returned from.

Ryan went to a small prosthetics company that makes custom limbs for people. He came back and shared with me that this is why we are creating technology for this industry. That even as the makers of sales enablement tools we too are part of the bigger mission to connect patients with the right drugs and medical devices that can improve the length and quality of their lives.

With Pharma putting patients at the heart of every decision patient centric will become less of a hot buzzword and more of a truly deserved reputational shift for the industry.

At elandas,  we are proud to work with pharma, biotech and medical device companies that truly do make a difference in the lives of patients who count on their products. Learn more about how we are helping our clients get the right messages into the hands that matter- sooner. 

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