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Pharma Trends – Insights from eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2016

The human side of pharma. Sometimes it feels like we hear so little of it. eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2016 which I attended at the beginning of May, was all about making a patient centric focus the new the heart of Pharma. It’s a very compelling theme, and I’m eager to share here with you some of the most inspirational things I heard about where the industry is headed along these lines.

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Data Integration Can Drive Successful Marketing to Physicians

In the post Affordable Care Act world the healthcare universe is looking a bit like an alternate universe at the same time we are finding ourselves operating in today’s knowledge economy.

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Mobile Sales Enablement – Be Ready to Engage Anywhere

If you’re a marketer or sales professional in pharma, med device, or biotech you already know the market is morphing, and precious time with docs is the sand that keeps falling through the holes in the sifter you’re left holding. Your sales goals are not going anywhere though, and that means you are being forced to get creative about how and when you are meeting with HCPs. At times conferences may become the new office, and shorter office visits themselves demand that you are nimble and ready on the go with the right data and messages.

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Why Med Reps Need Sales Enablement Tools

As the world of life sciences spins at what can feel like out-of-control speed, sales and marketing teams in the industry forge ahead in their quest to find the holy grail of technology solutions to give them the competitive advantage they need.

 Their search for systems that will make on-the-job life easier and more productive continues in earnest. There are even some who say they may have found the answer, and for them it somewhat surprisingly lies just on the other side of their CRM.

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Time to Spring Clean Your Work Routine: Try These Efficiency Fixes to Clear Out the Cobwebs

Life is busy, and for lots of us finding ways to fit in things like fitness, better work/life balance, more family time, and exciting work successes can sometimes seem impossible to accomplish at the same time.

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Top Success Hacks for More Personalized Selling to HCPs

In Life Sciences possibly more than any other industry today, the demand for targeted informational selling is off the charts. Today, we find ourselves in a fast moving environment where complex and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements are positioned next to constantly changing insurance plan coverages. Added to the mix is Mergers & Acquisitions activity that is record high and changes the complexion of how Healthcare Providers (HCPs) do their jobs in the face of internal and external procedures and considerations that are moving targets.

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Workday Quotes We Take to Heart

For this Valentine's Day week, what we'd really like to do is give all our customers and partners heart-shaped chocolate samplers. But that seems a tad impractical. Instead, we hope you'll enjoy (and make better use of) a practical sampler of our favorite workday quotes, culled from among elandas' own employees, with a personal note on why they resonate.

Not only are they better for you; they may feed your drive as you pursue this month's sales and marketing goals.

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Tips to Bridge The Top Communications Gaps That Can Derail Implementation Success

Today’s elandas insights guest blogger is Tom Kukla who comes to us with a wealth of experience in Executive Communication, Coaching, Management and Leadership Development. As Principal and Founder of Credere Leadership, Tom trains some of the best and brightest talent at leading Pharma, Bio, and Medical Organizations across North America.

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Pharma’s Top 6 Technology Marketing Trends for 2016


There’s no doubt these are challenging times to be on the front lines in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales, but as the saying goes where there’s challenge lies opportunity.

As the technology marketing partner for many leading teams in Life Sciences, elandas is a company that is continuing to stay in front of the industry by creating solutions that put our clients in control of their managed markets data and processes so they can improve sales results.

As we look ahead to 2016, I wanted to take a moment to connect with you and sharesome of the big tech trends we are seeing ahead in the New Year, and invite you to share your feedback on what you see happening too.

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