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What $3K of wine taught me about pharma selling

What better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than a trip to San Francisco with my university friends and our husbands? I was full of anticipation to reconnect with old friends. What I didn’t anticipate was the great lesson on selling from an unlikely person - our tour guide, Tom, at Cliff Lede winery.
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Pharma & Med Device Sales Enablement Must-Haves

When it comes to sales enablement tools that can really contribute to commercial excellence, the technology is what separates pretenders from contenders. But how can you tell who really has what it takes to best fit your needs? Here, we’ve come up with a quick checklist to offer you a better understanding of how to vet the best industry specific sales enablement tools on the market today.

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Pre-Call Planning Med Reps Will Embrace

Medical sales reps shouldn’t have to spend inordinate amounts of time compiling information for effective pre-call planning. You didn’t hire them to be data  analysts. And, if  you give them the right sales enablement tools they need to efficiently do that part of the job, they will be able to better spend their work hours building relationships and becoming valuable partners with your key customers.

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2017 Five Top Tech Trends in Med Device & Pharma Sales

Welcome to 2017 – a new year that is sure to be as momentum filled as the last several we’ve seen in the life sciences industry. Healthcare as we know it is still experiencing great momentum around a number of shifts and with this metamorphosis the needs of sales and marketing teams in pharma are evolving likewise.

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How Med Reps Can Compete Despite Today's Pharma Trends

As we are all well aware these days, the life sciences sector continues to be in a state of transformation due to a combination of price sensitivity, patient-focused strategies, increasingly stringent regulations, and a changing of the guard in how medical device and pharmaceutical sales reps interact with physicians.

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Training- The Missing Link in Your Mobile Sales Enablement Strategy

Today’s elandas insights guest blogger is Tom Kukla who comes to us with a wealth of experience in Executive Communication, Coaching, Management and Leadership Development. As Principal and Founder of Credere Leadership, Tom trains some of the best brightest talent at leading Pharma, Bio, and Medical Organizations across North America.

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How eGenerate Boosts Mobile Sales Enablement for Life Sciences

 Med Reps know that time with doctors is precious and more limited than ever these days. With that shift it’s also becoming increasingly crucial that marketing to physicians is approached with less direct selling and more team spirited partnering. Med reps need tools to help them deliver a better customer experience.

This means that sales needs to have immediate access to up-to-the-minute, personalized data, integrated from various sources to create the most relevant engagement possible. For optimal control, materials must be at their fingertips at every opportunity, on the right device – an iPad or tablet.

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New Trade Show Technology Med Reps Shouldn't Be Without

Face it. We've pretty much all been there at one time or another -bored at the booth, and praying the final day of the conference would at last shower down with mercy on our weary feet and souls. Trade show pain - something Advil alone cannot cure.

Not to mention the trade show hangover, and haven't we all been there too? In addition to re-entry at home after days on the road - there are tons of emails to respond to not counting all the proactive ones you need to send to the new leads and contacts you just met at the show. Follow-ups that are so numerous and at times so generic they fall through the cracks one way or another. It’s a necessary, but sometimes tough part of life science marketing.

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Sales Enablement Tools May Be the Great Equalizer

Smaller players in the life sciences ecosystem face challenges that are unique to them when it comes to marketing and sales.

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