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Mobile Sales Enablement – Be Ready to Engage Anywhere

Hayley Bohan

by Hayley Bohan

If you’re a marketer or sales professional in pharma, med device, or biotech you already know the market is morphing, and precious time with docs is the sand that keeps falling through the holes in the sifter you’re left holding. Your sales goals are not going anywhere though, and that means you are being forced to get creative about how and when you are meeting with HCPs. At times conferences may become the new office, and shorter office visits themselves demand that you are nimble and ready on the go with the right data and messages.

The high level of pent up demand for mobile solutions that can save the day is indicated by the results of a recent survey conducted by elandas. Nearly 40% of life sciences sales and marketing pros said they do not have a mobile solution in place for customizing managed care grids yet, but wish they did.

HCP preferences are also revealing when it comes to the need for strong mobile solutions. According to a recent study published in Fierce Pharma, 75% of physicians in the United States prefer that sales reps use tablets when meeting with them.

Looking at the information, it quickly becomes apparent that equipping your sales team with a strong mobile solution to share both static presentations and pre-approved customized managed care grids is a best practice in today’s selling environment.

So what should you look for when shopping for a mobile solution that can do it all?

Here we have compiled a quick checklist to help you narrow the choices:

  1. Does the mobile solution allow you to quickly find and access the right sales aids to drive conversations with prescribers?
  2. Can you access the most relevant, compliant and reliable coverage grids in seconds?
  3. Is it easy to share appropriate follow-up materials with your doctors directly through the app?
  4. Can you view and discuss asset utilization reports through the app to drive decision making as a team?
  5. Is your mobile solution open to integration with your CRM?
  6. Is your mobile solution highly configurable and able to be tailored to your specific workflow needs?
  7. Does the tool help you gather critical data or share team insights from the field in an easy-to-use template format?

Without a doubt we have entered a new age in life sciences selling. Make sure you are ready to adapt with the right mobile technology in place.


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