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Meet Our CEO

Hayley Bohan

by Hayley Bohan

Ryan Roberts launched elandas because he saw the struggles life science companies faced in managing information and getting pull-through materials to prescribers quickly.

Ryan has always been a problem solver. His first job was building enterprise systems for Fortune 500 clients while at one of those big IT consulting firms. He was the guy who pulled the ‘all nighters’ cranking out code, subsisting on a diet of honey roasted peanuts and orange juice.
He was always coming up with new ideas and better ways of helping clients. But in a big organization, change often comes slow. So Ryan decided to put his passion and technical skill into becoming an entrepreneur.

Our clients love the fact that Ryan translates pressing business needs into practical software solutions. He’s equally comfortable working on both sides of the street – as a businessperson or as a coder. That’s often a rare combo.

Ryan loves the work. He thrives on connecting the dots that make technology useful for businesses. He’s spent countless hours meeting with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to figure out the best ways to solve the challenges they face every day.

It’s meant some more meals of peanuts and orange juice, but it has helped him develop practical solutions to gathering and sharing information quickly in a dynamic and complicated environment.
After a decade working with life science companies, for Ryan it comes down to speed. How do you use technology in ways that gets information in the hands of the right people faster?

That ‘need for speed’ informs everything that we do at elandas. We speed up collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and the delivery of materials. With speed comes increased efficiency and larger market share.

Ryan’s focus on creating pragmatic solutions to real problems is why some of the top names in the life science business are already working with elandas. And his passion is helping attract a skilled team of IT and business pros to the company.

He’s building elandas as a company that will last. There are always better ways of doing things, and elandas will help find them.

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