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New Trade Show Technology Med Reps Shouldn't Be Without

Hayley Bohan

by Hayley Bohan

Face it. We've pretty much all been there at one time or another -bored at the booth, and praying the final day of the conference would at last shower down with mercy on our weary feet and souls. Trade show pain - something Advil alone cannot cure.

Not to mention the trade show hangover, and haven't we all been there too? In addition to re-entry at home after days on the road - there are tons of emails to respond to not counting all the proactive ones you need to send to the new leads and contacts you just met at the show. Follow-ups that are so numerous and at times so generic they fall through the cracks one way or another. It’s a necessary, but sometimes tough part of life science marketing.

If only there were an easier way.....a way that involved a nap, or at least turned all this drudgery into a snap. At last, dear blog readers I am happy to tell you that today there is another way -  eGenerate.

Let me walk you through how this new mobile sales enablement innovation from elandas can become the tool you won't want to live through another trade show without.

Let's paint the picture which begins with the setting you already know. You've spent a small fortune getting your booth just right, and tweaking your brochures with the very broad messaging just so - and hoping the junior people helping at the booth sound convincing. You're praying that people come by the booth, that they stay, that they actually engage - but you're only hoping - because you don't have an engagement plan of attack you are truly confident in. That is until you unveil eGenerate.

eGenerate is the Tipping Point that finally makes your trade shows work for you. The solution that ensures your conference budget will really pay off this time. 

The number one reason eGenerate does this can be boiled into one word - relevance.

Relevance to the one thing that keeps your customers and future customers up at night. The problem they need your help to solve. The relevance of your solution to their current needs and your ability to clearly and convincingly articulate it at the right time in the right way is the difference between engaging and not even being asked to the table.

And here is where your trade show story turns, headed towards a new happier ending. Using eGenerate you can now create a scene where every prospect at your booth is greeted with confidence and your interaction with them is quickly personalized using a set of questions that zeros in on their pain points. On the spot you will have pulled together a presentation relevant to their needs. Even one that uses multi-media elements like video if you so desire.

eGenerate also gives you the ability to integrate data from multiple sources. This could be access information to give the doctor or other decision maker you are chatting with details that are important to their prescribing choices related to insurance coverages and health plans according to zip code, city or other location identifying data.

Now that you have the attention of the people you have been trying so hard to reach you need to be prepared to make the most of it both during and after the show. Again it's eGenerate to the rescue, with easily customized follow-up materials tailored for your new prospect's individual needs. Sent to them - easily - automatically - RIGHT FROM THE SHOW FLOOR. No more lost in the shuffle and forgettable initial introductions. You are on the money, and right on time every time using eGenerate from your iPad, right from your trade show booth.

Rest assured, you will be going to sleep after the show - not because you desperately need a nap, but this time with very sweet nighty night dreams about all the new business leads you have successfully secured and already followed up on using eGenerate sales enablement tools.

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