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Maximizing Time with Prescribers

Hayley Bohan

by Hayley Bohan

Fifty percent of the life sciences marketers we surveyed say that prescribers have the most influences on market share so every interaction needs to count.

Prescribers are under increasing time pressures and are responding with restrictions. In fact, we are learning that 49% of physicians have placed moderate-to-severe restrictions on visits from pharma sales reps* – so it’s vital to maximize the time you have together. That means being organized and presenting the most important info and data on your product in an engaging way. You want this meeting to be interesting, efficient, and more importantly actionable for both you and the prescriber.

Tips for Your Team

Reps need to understand the big picture while tailoring their message. For example, what is the local coverage landscape that affects the prescriber? What other variables influence their actions?
The more granular the message, the better.

It's crucial to:

  • Use the right data in your meetings – information like favorable formulary positions make a difference in providers taking action from your visit.
  • Provide tailored, turnkey materials – Use targeted insights to enrich your selling skills and keep the conversation flowing and meaningful. Make sure the materials are educational, compliant, up-to-date and compelling to reflect your brand’s unique message.

Having the confidence that you can do all of this on an ongoing basis is important, but doing it efficiently is key. You can feel empowered with the right sales and marketing platform—one that allows you to use customized templates to ensure a professional look and compliant message, one that tracks and shares formulary status quickly, and produces the materials you need!

Vetting the tools

Many tools exist to make it easier than ever to get compliant and relevant sales materials – digital or printed. Make sure you have a process to find the system that will work with your ongoing needs. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions when selecting a new technology tool. Remember things like customer service, customization, and ongoing support are important in this constantly changing industry.

You have many options when choosing a solution to enhance your sales and marketing strategy. Look for one that is both supplier and data agnostic so that your technology is independent of other suppliers you may be using. You want to continue to choose best-in class-vendors for creative, print, and data without having to change your technology; allowing you to remain nimble in a constantly changing industry.

Not only is the elandas product suite user-friendly, but our technology is functional across multiple brands, even with different suppliers. The system will work for your internal team no matter how many brands you represent, and how many different vendors each is using. Of course, personalized selling by a well-trained sales rep will always be a huge part of the equation. With big data, a custom intelligence technology and up-to-date, regulatory-compliant materials, your team can bring added value and greater results – even though they’re getting less time with a prescriber.

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