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Gaining Altitude in Your View Can Boost Pharma Launch Success

Hayley Bohan

by Hayley Bohan

In today’s ever more complex and high stakes pharmaceutical selling environment having a united commercial strategy for gaining information can be the difference between being agile as an organization or not being nimble enough to compete. 

Nearly a third of pharma sales and marketing pros polled by Elandas in 2016, say information gaps are hindering their efforts to effectively launch new products.

Further, what we are hearing from our customers, is that teams need to be working together to connect and share information in more timely and comprehensive ways than ever before to be competitive. This becomes especially true when we talk about launching new products whose success trajectories can be set in their first six months on the market. 

Once a new drug is launched, the sooner you can receive, contextualize and react to data from all of your customer facing teams the better. Time is truly money in the case of drug launches, and you need to be able to see whether key performance indicators are hitting the mark in real time. This in turn ensures that adjustments can be made before your limited time runway for success runs short.

In order to gain true advantage from the cross functional insights being collected on a daily basis from field sales, market access account managers, medical liasons, and reimbursement managers as well as those in other supporting roles across your organization the right systems and tools have to be part of the playbook.

When commercial excellence technology like elandas is put into place it means the information gaps that once caused huge delays and led to best guess based strategies being put into motion no longer exist. The ability to adapt on the fly becomes a reality that leads to true organizational agility. Authentic insight based planning and selling becomes the order of the day, as data is standardized and readily accessible in layered formats that offer a full view of what’s happening.

Five Ways Brand Launches Benefit Using Commercial Excellence Technology

  1. Critical inputs from lots of different groups across the organization are captured and contextualized with the proper data points.
  2. Inputs are available at the right time to help you see if you are hitting your key milestones and what needs to be adjusted.
  3. Key data can be assembled in days instead of weeks or even months.
  4. You will be able to tell early on if the messages you’ve spent so long creating are resonating, or if your budget allocation needs to be adjusted.
  5. Having the ability to track and analyze how customers are moving along the buying cycle can red flag unanticipated selling hurdles.

No matter how competitive the pharma launch landscape becomes, with the right tools in place your team will be empowered to respond much quicker. Once they can see the total picture instead of just bits and pieces of it they will better know how to navigate through the challenges facing them. Meaning even in these turbulent times, your next launch could become your best if you are able to view it from the right altitude.

Topics: Adaptability, Knowledge Management, Product Launch, Team Alignment, Time Savers