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Evaluating Sales Enablement Vendors? Consider This.

Hayley Bohan

by Hayley Bohan

Roughly 41 percent of medical device and pharmaceutical sales professionals believe inefficient processes are the single biggest inhibitors to their success according to a 2016 Elandas research survey of life sciences sales & marketing professionals.

And while the right sales enablement tools can go a long way towards creating new efficiencies, not all technology is created equal, and neither are the vendors supporting those systems.

Picking a technology vendor who engages with you as a true partner is key. In fact, it's just as critical as determining whether or not the technology is a right fit for your organization. Above all else, your vendor should be able to demonstrate they have a focus on putting your success first at every turn.

As you conduct your due diligence into the options in the market available to move your organization forward consider using this checklist of must have qualities for a sales enablement software vendor:

The ability to customize the solution

Every pharma and med device company has its own internal guidelines for its sales processes and procedures, as well as ways to ensure compliance, As a result, one-size-fits-all sales enablement tools aren’t much help. You’ll want to make sure the sales enablement software vendor you choose is accustomed to and willing to configure its technology to perfectly fit your company’s unique requirements.This means configuring your business rules and processes into the solution.

Fully embraces integration

Some vendors want to sell as much of their technology as possible and then forget about what comes next. You want to work with a vendor who will ensure their solution is integrated in meaningful ways with the other solutions you already use. You do not want one who expects you to change complex systems that are already in place and working well for your needs. New technology should augment and improve your processes, not complicate them further.

Let’s you do the talking

During the vetting process, a sales enablement tools vendor committed to your success will ask the tough questions to really get at the heart of your challenges. The relationship should be symbiotic— if they just want to share their solutions first, this could be an early warning sign that they don’t care as much as they should. Without fully understanding your needs, it’s pretty tough to ensure you’ll be completely satisfied.

Value focused, not product pushers

When all is said and done, medical device and pharmaceutical sales companies should be looking for partners for commercial excellence, not just vendors. There’s a significant contrast between vendors that just have technology solutions, and real partners who can provide a platform specifically tailored to your needs.

To wrap it up, a winning relationship with the right technology partner is a long-term relationship that has to be built on a foundation of strong communication, and a commitment to embracing and solving the unique challenges your team finds itself facing over the long haul.

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