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Eliminate Energy Drains and Boost Productivity

Hayley Bohan

by Hayley Bohan

If you’re a sales and marketing professional in life sciences, you may find you’re so busy with unnecessary energy wasters and minutiae that strategic planning – the foundation for success – never gets the time it deserves.

elandas polled 60 sales and marketing professionals and found that 27% of them are losing sleep over strategy concerns. If they had more time, a whopping 62% said they would focus on higher-level strategic issues that really make an impact – in other words, they would like to come up with the next great idea that blows away the boss.

Here are some tips to help you gain efficiency, and spend more time on what matters most.

Use Resources Wisely

Ferrari doesn’t send its Formula One drivers out for gas, and you shouldn’t be using precious resources to chase down data. Same goes for approvals – are your brand and product managers bogged down trying to get them? And who analyzes your data? A dedicated specialist or the same people? These are not the most strategic ways to use your top talent or limited dollars.

elandas technology can manage these processes for you, prompting actions, sending reminders and flagging inactivity so your team can focus on their jobs. Let your sales force and brand/ product managers focus on what they do best – so you can reach your goals!

Streamline Data-Sharing

Ensuring that information gets shared quickly and clearly between cross-functional teams helps move everyone forward — faster and together.

Think of a fine dining establishment. Not only do you expect excellent food, you expect excellent service. The kitchen and the front of house communicate clearly and effectively with each other to ensure a superior experience start to finish. The antithesis of this, chaos, from lack of strategy or process, can harm any business.

Your managed markets and marketing teams need to communicate. Having account managers across the country holding on the critical formulary insight means you might not be taking full advantage of your managed market wins. Coverage Tracker harnesses internal intelligence about coverage predictions, competitive insight, key dates and more, as well as, third party data into actionable reports. Automating this can save hours for all of you!

Plus, you can be sure that everyone’s on the same page - without chaos!

Simplify Communication

Share relevant information with the right people.

Blanket emails to your entire sales force with information only some of them need are distracting to others. You also risk info overload – to the point where your team glazes over the emails that do matter.

Keep your communication specific and relevant to maximize its impact and boost engagement.
Win Tracker™ is a simple web-based solution we can customize to work with your existing information systems and meet your needs. Now it’s easy to distribute standardized, easy-to-understand data about formulary status with your team and across various departments. Everyone stays informed and able to respond quickly to opportunities or challenges. It’s a stress-free way to update and share information.

elandas give you control over your data and your processes. Simplify and enhance your sales and marketing efforts with elandas. 

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