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How eGenerate Boosts Mobile Sales Enablement for Life Sciences

Ryan Roberts

by Ryan Roberts

 Med Reps know that time with doctors is precious and more limited than ever these days. With that shift it’s also becoming increasingly crucial that marketing to physicians is approached with less direct selling and more team spirited partnering. Med reps need tools to help them deliver a better customer experience.

This means that sales needs to have immediate access to up-to-the-minute, personalized data, integrated from various sources to create the most relevant engagement possible. For optimal control, materials must be at their fingertips at every opportunity, on the right device – an iPad or tablet.

Marketing professionals need to provide sales colleagues easy, anytime, anywhere access to targeted, compliant information to enhance customer conversations. Marketers also must gauge the effectiveness and use of assets and be even more responsive to sales requirements.

A New App To Strengthen Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Daunting? Yes. Impossible? No – and the battle just became easier.

This month, elandas launched eGenerate™ – a mobile sales enablement application designed specifically to give sales reps and marketers with pharma, medical device and biotechnology companies a competitive edge in succeeding despite growing obstacles.

We are proud to have invented what we believe to be the best mobile sales enablement solution geared explicitly to the current and future requirements of life sciences sales and marketing professionals. Our highly configurable system lets a sales rep save weeks in responding to customer needs, and do so more meaningfully – not only showing materials but also generating them on the spot and customizing them for a particular healthcare provider (HCP).

Innovations To Drive Your Success

Let me highlight what makes eGenerate stand out and how can it help you:

Data Integration
eGenerate lets you move faster, in closer coordination, using customized workflows in a mobile app. Our tool is configured to match your company’s unique workflow and business rules, ensuring regulatory compliance, and it integrates with most data sets and CRM systems.
Ease of Use
Salespeople can prepare for a sales call in two minutes. Filters and tags simplify finding the right sales aids. Data- and supplier-agnostic, eGenerate offers one solution to support your entire portfolio.
Valuable, Hyper-Personalized Conversations
Sales materials hit the mark, right on time. Marketers distribute dynamic and static assets to sales reps’ iPads for instant access. Salespeople easily share multi-page presentations, and managed care grids are populated with granular data in seconds.
Effective Post-Engagement Communications
Sales reps can easily email relevant follow-up assets, automatically converting from HTML to PDF format and attaching legal and compliance information. Email tracking and reporting provide sales reps and marketers with additional insight into how prescribers are consuming the information they share.
Feedback Loop
Salespeople can share insights directly with marketers, using a customizable surveying feature. Asset utilization reports also provide feedback.

We are thrilled to have created a better way for you to become more effective in a fluid, complex, challenging environment. In addition, eGenerate supports a greater purpose – ultimately, helping a physician prescribe the most appropriate medication or medical device, enriching and perhaps saving a life.

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