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2017 Five Top Tech Trends in Med Device & Pharma Sales

Ryan Roberts

by Ryan Roberts

Welcome to 2017 – a new year that is sure to be as momentum filled as the last several we’ve seen in the life sciences industry. Healthcare as we know it is still experiencing great momentum around a number of shifts and with this metamorphosis the needs of sales and marketing teams in pharma are evolving likewise.

At Elandas we’ve identified several of these trends as ones worth watching this year:

1- Internal Information Tools Will See Increased Adoption

Slack and other internal information tools like Facebook’s Workplace, and Salesforce’s Chatter will gain more widespread adoption as teams seek efficient ways to communicate with one another. There is only so much inherent value with one person holding any given piece of information, and the value of that institutional knowledge is multiplied when it is easily shareable. To that end, all of our systems at elandas have elements around easily collecting information and sharing it in consistent and compliant ways built-in. 

2- New Options Around How Information is Consumed Will Abound

With today’s information noise level at an all-time high, people are craving new ways to keep them from overload. The demand for tools that can give them control over the information that is being served up to them, and even how often it is being shared with them such as certain reports coming to them only 2x’s per week versus daily is growing.

Many of our customers at Elandas are also finding that information portals can be a huge help in this regard, as users can go to them to access specific kinds of information on demand when they want it, and not have it come to them in the form of constant interruption.

3- Customer Engagement Will Be Enhanced by More Communications Choices

Giving customers options around how they can interact with you for everything from helpdesk support to customer service, and even sales can drive increased customer loyalty.

When it comes to HCP engagement in this arena we are seeing that with less and less face time available, prescribers want and need more flexibility with how, when, and where they interact with med device and pharma reps, and cloud based tools that can support that need are increasingly in demand.

4- Competitive Advantage Will Be Gained by Blending Data in New Ways

To use an analogy here, every data source is like an ingredient in a recipe, and when you can mix these information points in multiple ways you can come up with some different and often surprising insights. Tools like the ones made by Elandas that let organizations uncover new insights by enabling the capture and sharing of internal intelligence and then go beyond that to empower information layering with government data sets and external purchasable data lead to actionable competitive insights. The demand for technology that provides organizations with ways to gain this kind of 360-degree insight is growing. 

5- Technology That Makes Data More Consumable Will Be in Demand

Data needs to be manipulated and spit out in easy and usable ways. Again here in 2017, we see the need for user choice highlighted as people are craving options for how they want to visualize the data they are working with, which can also have an impact on how it is used. Not everybody wants a graph or a spreadsheet. Sometimes, users just want to see something as simple as a document with a title and a bulleted list. For example, one that shows them the top ten doctors they need to connect with this week based on specific criteria. At Elandas, we make our technology simple to use because we want our customers to be excited to log onto our system and be able to easily manipulate and consume the information they need to do their jobs most effectively.



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